New Creation Coffee Company

Coffee Roaster and Specialty Event Coffee Catering in Gresham, OR.

Ethically Sourced

We use ethically sourced coffee beans in all of our coffees.

Small Batch Roasted

Every bag of coffee is roasted in small batches in Gresham, OR.

Event Catering

We also cater specialty coffee for weddings, business meetings, parties and more!
Great coffee and great service! They're the reason most people come to my events.
Israel M
Best beans ever! The flavor of the espresso was so smoothe. We will definitely be purchasing these regularly.
Kristina S
Coffee Customer
It is genuinely the best coffee we've bought!! Going to share with all our friends too! Thank you all!
Kathy J
Coffee Customer
Very well balanced flavor, great crema and extraction!!
Vlad S
Coffee Customer
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